The route is recommended for families with children who wish to immerse themselves in nature and discover the local flora and fauna.



 - A stroll through the medieval town will take you to an avenue lined with cypress trees that will lead you to the “Convento dei Frati Cappuccini” (Capuchin Friars Convent). From the square in front of the convent you’ll have the possibility to admire a breathtaking view, and on a clear blue day you’ll be able to see the the blue line of the sea on the horizon. We suggest you follow the path to the top of the hill to let the sounds and colours of the surrounding nature soak in.

-Descending down the hill you’ll get to an area of vegetable gardens tended by the elders of the town.

Close by is a park equipped with benches and rides where families with children have the chance to stop for a nice snack.

The entire route is safe.

Duration: 2 hours

 For more information and bookings: Ufficio Informazione ed Accoglienza Turistica – Pro Loco Tel. 0541624270; e - mail: iat@comune.santarcangelo.rn.it.


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