Along the Marecchia River, not far from Santarcangelo, you can immerge yourself in an almost mythical colony of English artists known as, Mutonia. Their story begins in the 1990’s when they were invited to participate in the International Theatre Festival in Santarcangelo. Some of the members of the group (belonging to the so-called “Mutoid Waste Company”) decided to stay a little longer and transformed an abandoned quarry on the River Marecchia into Mutonia.

The Mutoid Waste Company was founded in London in 1986 and relocated to Santarcangelo di Romagna in 1991.

The “Mutoids” recycle inorganic waste, such as iron, plastic, rubber, aluminium and copper to create extraordinary and magnificently creative works of art. They continually vary their techniques and processes to convert urban waste into unique art forms.

Today Mutonia is a free tourist attraction, about 2 km from the city centre.
Mutonia is open to the public from 9.30 a.m. until sunset.

It is easy to go there by car or bike. Free rental bikes are available from the Tourist Office.


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