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Mutoid Waste Company is a group of  sculptors and  performers  founded in the 80’s by Joe Rush and Robin Cooke.

Before arriving in Santarcangelo in 1990 to perform at the International Theatre Festival, they toured all around Europe.

Part of the group then decided to make their stay permanent and transformed an abandoned quarry into an “artistic village” called Mutonia. Their work is about redefining man’s relationship with nature in a post industrial era by transforming waste into art.

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They have organised many artistic events and performances in Europe and around in world. Worth mentioning is the “millennium bug” celebration in Santarcangelo for the new year of 2000.


Today Mutonia is a free touristic attraction that invites artist from all around the world to create art.

It is possible to visit Mutonia from 9:30 am until sunset.

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