MUSAS – Museum of History and Archeology

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The location of the Museum of History and Archeology is by no means coincidental. It is in fact set between the first and the second Malatesta walls, near the old city gate, Porta Cervese, and overlooks Piazza Monache, which has been an important social centre for the town for centuries. The medieval town of Santarcangelo is an almost “unique monument” of particular historical, artistic, urban and environmental value, that has been shaped by the many different events that have occurred over the centuries.

The town’s Roman history can be found down by the river and the ancient Church of San Michele, where a small rural town called “Pago Acervolano” developed. Its medieval history, however, unfolded on the hill, where the population was protected by surrounding walls that were enlarged by the Malatesta dynasty of Rimini. Its modern development resulted in it spreading down as far as the Via Emilia.

Santarcangelo preserves a great artistic and cultural heritage. It is home to ancient traditions and to craft workshops, kilns and mills, that have witnessed a long and colourful history of industrial effort and enterprise; but it is also home to painters, sculptors, poets and writers.

The MUSAS wants to bring the pleasure and meaning of history to as wide an audience ass possible and for this reason its main priority is to enhance the display of the works of art it has acquired and facilitate their enjoyment.

The museum takes the visitor through an historic journey, starting with the archaeological finds from early history up to Roman times; then from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance; and finally, through the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

via della costa, 26

Santarcangelo di Romagna

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