MET – Museum of Costumes and Traditions of the People of Romagna.

via Montevecchi, 41 tel. and fax 0541326206

Opening hours:


The Ethnographic Museum aims to collect, preserve and promote demographical, ethnographical, and anthropological stories of the area in order to create a cultural research centre.

The Museum of Costumes and Traditions of the People of Romagna sees itself primarily as lively organisation dedicated to gaining deeper knowledge of, and capturing, the varied features that go to make up the culture and traditions of the southern area of Romagna.

Its objectives are therefore to collect, sort, and analyse all the materials that relate to the history, economy, dialects, and folklore, of the people of Romagna; to promote and publish demo-anthropological studies,  to collaborate with schools and universities; and finally to promote the dissemination of the knowledge gained by such research through workshops, short courses and conferences.

This Ethnographic Museum collects and preserves accounts of the folklore of the surrounding area. The objects and instruments of the peasant culture that are exhibited in and around the museum epitomise the history and soul of this land, and promote the understanding of its environment and everyday life.

Exhibition Itinerary:

  • – Reception
  • – …and I’ll tell you who you are
  • – On the ground
  • – The path of grain
  • – With water and stone
  • – Straw
  • – Between weaving and warping
  • – The “bakery”
  • – Iron and fire
  • – The path of wine
  • – Rural transport


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