This walk will need an early start. You’ll begin your journey at the Convent of SS Caterina and Barbara and continue along Contrada dei Signori, the Fotress with its imposing tower will be be on your left, at the end of the road turn left and go down Via Cupa and just follow the cypresses. At the bottom cross the street…

 You will arrive at the “Pieve”, a beautiful sixth century church dedicated to San Michele l’Arcangelo. The building might seem out of place as it’s surrounded by newly built homes, but as a matter of fact it is the most ancient part of Santcarangelo; settlers from Rome were sent here after the city of Rimini was founded in 268 BC. It is a place full of furnaces in which the artisans of time invented the first disposable amphora and a special vase used for botanical cuttings.

Via Celletta dell’Olio’s cross streets lead to the River Marecchia. The first useful way to get to the river is by taking Via Massarotto, the second is Via Bianchi. Once you have the river in front of you, turn right and walk along the bank. The distance from here on is not measured in kilometres but by the transformation of the landscape surrounding you, as you gradually walk along the river you’ll begin to see the first limestone spurs of the Valmarecchia.

A recommended pit stop is at the Sapignoli Mill, which is the only example left of the typical mills that once populated the shores of the river Marecchia. Only a few meters away you’ll see the tracks of the so called “dreamt railway”, the name was coined by Antonio Baldini because even though the tracks were built not one train ran across them.

When you’re back on the river continue until you find the signs for Saiano, it’s not far to the end of the pilgrimage, but the last part is all uphill, the last stretch, perhaps the steepest, is jut after the iron gates which lead directly to the Jubilee doors of the church.

After the slow pilgrimage you’ll have the pleasure to admire Saiano in all it’s spiritual power that will regenerate your soul.


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