The White Lady

Many claim to have seen the white lady.

They believe she is the ghost of the beautiful Francesca da Polenta, wife to Gianciotto Malatesta, killed by her husband after having been found with her lover, Gianciotto’s brother Paolo.

Legend has it that Gianciotto, returning to the castle early, surprising the two lovers and, seized with jealousy, killed them with a knife. However it is not clear where this crime took place.

Many say that Francesca’s restless sprit, on moonless nights, haunts the alleys of Santarcangelo’s old town searching for the “convent of the buried alive”, the place of a hundred years of peace.

Concordia Malatesta, the daughter (allegedly) of Francesca and Gianciotto, spent the rest of her days there, away from the violence of the world, to grieve her beloved mother.

Legend, history… or perhaps a bit too much Sangiovese? Who knows?

In memory of this sad story, in the Piazza delle Monache, just metres from the present convent, there is a magnificent bronze bas-relief depicting the beautiful Francesca, forever close to here precious Concordia.

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