Absolutely not to be missed is a walk along the river Marecchia. The trails are also perfect for bicycles and mountain bikes. You’ll be surrounded by lush vegetation and the sounds of nature, and in the spring time fragrant plants and flowers will add colour and spice to your walk.

Pista-Ciclabile-a1The Marecchia offers a perfect location to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and discover the marvellous microcosm by small lakes, vineyards and fields.


Entrance to the trail (left side of the river): from Piazza Ganganelli take Via Nanni and continue straight on, pass two roundabouts (the route has a cycle path), turn left on Via Vecchia Marecchia, then in Via Calatoio Ponte and finish in Mutonia (home of the Mutoid Waste Company) where the trail starts.

The trail runs East as far as Rimini and West as far as Ponte Verucchio.

The trail towards Rimini is quite stony, so is recommend especially for mountain bikers.

Following the trail towards Ponte Verucchio, you’ll come across a Quarry park with fossil deposits (locality Poggio Torriana) and the Sapignoli Mill that is located in a magnificent park where you can stop for a picnic.




From Ponte Verucchio you can continue along the left side of the river up to the Sanctuary of the “Madonna di Saiano”,


la_porta3an important pilgrimage destination and a place of prayer, located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley ( 2.5 km from the bridge).

The path that leads to the sanctuary is especially beautiful and offers a rare serenity.

For more seasoned walkers, carry on to the village of Montebello (the assent is around 300m and just 2km from “Madonna di Saiano”).


Just behind the village you’ll find the Natural Oasis “Oasi Naturalistica Nate”.


From Ponte Verucchio, following an uphill path, you’ll be able to visit the beautiful medieval town of Verucchio (3.5 km from the bridge).


Entrance to the trail (right side of the river): from Piazza Ganganelli take Via Dante Nanni and continue straight on, after three roundabouts (the route has a cycle path) cross the bridge over the river Marecchia, turn right onto the cycle path that will take you straight to Ponte Verucchio.

At the beginning of the trail you’ll find a beautiful lake where people go canoeing, and along the path theres a charming golf course.

A pleasant halfway stop is at the Marecchia Park,

a lovely green park where you can enjoy a picnic or refreshments at the small bar (restrooms are also available). In spring families gather round the barbecue pits for family grills and enjoy the shade offered by the lush vegetation, while the children play on the playground.

It’s possible to follow the trail in the opposite direction to that indicated above passing under the bridge that crosses over the river to reach the Ponte Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge) of Rimini and the sea. Along the way there are no rest areas so we suggest to start your journey equipped with an adequate supply of drinking water. The trail does not present any particular difficulties.

Distances: Piazza Ganganelli to the bridge over the river Marecchia 1.8 km; from the bridge over the river Marecchia to Ponte Verucchio 9 km; from the bridge over the river Marecchio to Rimini 9 km.

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