Renowned 17th century painter between Caravaggio & Guido Reni.


“A happy intelligent painter, but with an unhappy fortune.”

The 17th century is characterised by a surprising artistic vitality and Cagnacci is one of its protagonists. His work is positioned between Caravaggio and Reni, capable of uniting two apparently opposing worlds.

Born in Santarcangelo in 1601, his life was a sequence of mistakes and bad decisions, forcing him to be constantly on the run. His own father disinherited him and reported him to the Pope’s authorities, when he tried to flee with a widow and noblewoman from Rimini.

First, he moved to Bologna and then to Rome where he was greatly influenced by Caravaggio. In 1649, he moved to Venice and in 1658 to his final destination: the court of the Emperor Leopold I of Habsburg in Vienna, where he died in 1663.

The altarpiece depicting “Child Jesus, St. Joseph and St. Eligius”, signed and dated 1635, is preserved in the Collegiate Church.


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