Designed and built in 1989 by poet Tonino Guerra and restored in 2014.


Originally built in 1989, the pinecone fountain adorns Santarcangelo’s main square and stands in front of the house where Tonino Guerra passed away, curiously, on 21st March 2012, the first day of spring and “World Poetry Day”. There is a plate next to the entrance door with an auto-biographic poem by the artist.

The Fountain was restored in 2014, according to designs by Tonino Guerra, poet and screenwriter for some of Federico Fellini’s greatest masterpieces. This fountain is one of four beautiful fountains in the city created by Guerra for his hometown.

Tonino Guerra chose the pinecone as a symbol of hospitality, prosperity and abundance. Made of white Istrian stone, it is centred upon a foundation of three circular elements made of the same material.
La farfàla
Cuntént própri cuntént
a sò stè una masa ad vólti tla vóita
mó piò di tótt quant ch’i m’a liberè
in Germania
ch’a m sò mèss a guardè una farfàla
sénza la vòia ad magnèla.


La farfalla

Contento, proprio contento
sono stato molte volte nella vita
ma più di tutte quando
mi hanno liberato

in Germania
che mi sono messo a guardare una farfalla
senza la voglia di mangiarla.


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