Giorgetti Alfonso of  Santarcangelo passed away last September at the age of  89.  (He was commonly known as Fonso Ad Vigi, where “Fonso” is short for Alfonso “ad” stands for “di” (of) and “Vigi” stands for “Luigi”,, the name of his father.

A well-known craftsman, he was a master of wrought ironwork, a skill handed down from his father from whom he also inherited the worksop with the adjoining house in the via Verde in which he was born and lived.  He had a fund of memories and stories relating to the town; he is remembered, moreover, for his valuable work with the first Town Council after the Italian Civil War.

Besides the talent he acquired from his father, he was renowned for his sterling work as leader of the old Workers’ Friendly Society (“Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso”); he could transport his guests into a bygone golden age and his stories were a trip down memory lane.

His meticulous descriptions of iron-working techniques used to morph into the pleasure of immersing himself in his passion and the enjoyment of his work.

He has left numerous examples of his work in houses throughout the town and, with them, an outstanding example of what it means to be human and the meaning of the term ‘dependability’.

Those who knew him know what I am talking about and of the commitment that day after day drove him to dedicate himself to work for his Santarcangelo and for its people.

(Loosely taken in part from the newsletter ’Tutto Santarcangelo’ – November 2000, an article by the Editorial Director.)


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