Now in its 46th year, Santarcangelo International Street Theatre Festival is the oldest Italian festival devoted to the contemporary arts scene and one of the most important European events dedicated to dance and theatre. In September 2015 it received the EFFE Awards prize and was the only Italian event among the twelve of the most prestigious festivals in Europe.

Every July Santarcangelo becomes a “city of theatre”: the town’s buildings are transformed into spaces dedicated to performances, workshops and debates, welcoming national and international artists and hundreds of spectators.

The Festival provides an opportunity to engage with creative activities and for the exchange of artistic ideas. New productions often have a strong connection to the town and its inhabitants, thus strengthening the link between the local community and the cultural institutions of the region, as well as attracting a wider audience than one confined to the theatrical world. At Santarcangelo, the contemporary international performing arts scene interacts with public areas and the local community in a way that makes the festival a workshop of innovative experiences, enabling one to imagine an alternative reality which may also find expression in more wide-ranging contexts.

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