Santarcangelo is at the very heart of Romagna: here, how you eat and how you drink are very important topics! Quality and being together are the very foundations daily ritual of every Santarcangelosi meal, a custom that they gladly share with their guests.

Walking through the streets of the town you’ll encounter many delicatessens where the pasta is still made with a rolling pin right in front of you; likewise the typical piadina”, our local bread that can be stuffed in a thousand different ways. On Fridays, in one of the squares there is a section of the local market that only sells food, such as “porchetta” (slow-roasted pork, stuffed with garlic, herbs and seasonings), cheeses, local honey, fried fish, olive oil, fresh fruit, and vegetables.  On Saturday morning there’s another eco friendly “km 0” food market, slightly smaller but selling only local produce.

There are many bars, restaurants and wine cellars where you can experience the warm welcome so typical of the Romagnole people; then there are the many fairs, special opportunities for conviviality and enjoyment where you can celebrate, with some good Sangiovese of course.

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