Built in 1864.


The former Salt and Tobacco warehouse was built in 1864 and Santarcangelo’s public library was located there from 1974 until 2014.

Situated opposite the Suffragio Church, today it boasts a graffiti mural donated by the famous graffiti artist, Eron.

Presently, under restoration, the building will become the House of Poetry, “Casa della Poesia”, where the public will have access to the works of famous local poets, such as: Raffaello Baldini, Nino Pedretti, Gianni Fucci, Tonino Guerra, and Giuliana Rocchi). The majority of these poets wrote in dialect.

In addition, the personal archives of some other renowned intellectuals, such as Flavio Nicolini and Rina Macrelli, who were friends of these poets, will be preserved here.


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