Santarcangelo is situated along ancient communication routes (Emilia and Aretina), 4km from Rimini Nord’s motorway exit and 8 from the Adriatic highway that runs along the coast.

Rimini and Bellaria’s beaches are located just a few kilometres from Santarcangelo and the Apennines :during the winter season, Carpegna opens its ski slopes.

One can get to Santarcagelo by train (the train station is a 1km from the town centre) while the airports of Bologna and Rimini are respectively just an hour and half an hour away.

San Marino, the world’s oldest Republic, can be reached in just half an hour, while Ravenna, Urbino, and Bologna, are all an hour away and Florence can be reached in two.

Distances from Santarcangelo:

Stazione FS Santarcangelo

Stazione FS Rimini                    9,66 km

Stazione FS Santarcangelo          750 m

International Airports

Federico Fellini                              14 km

  • Bologna               113 km
  • Ravenna               44 km
  • Venezia               214 km
  • Milano                325 km
  • Torino                448 km
  • Arezzo c               83 km
  • Firenze               159 km
  • San Marino      13,5 km
  • Ancona                99 km
  • Roma                 343 km
  • Napoli               520 km



A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - exit "Rimini Nord" (4km from Santarcangelo)

State Roads

S.S. n. 9 Emilia "Milano - Rimini"; S.S. n. 258 Marecchiese "Rimini - San Sepolcro"

Provincial roads
S.P. n. 11 "Sogliano"; S.P. n. 13 "Uso"; S.P. n. 14 "Santarcangiolese"; S.P. n. 49 "Trasversale Marecchia"; S.P. n. 136 "Santarcangelo - mare"


Railway Station
Piazzale Esperanto
(approximately1 km from the main square, piazza Ganganelli, a 15/20 minute walk down Via Giuseppe Mazzini)

Tel. 892021
For any information you can call this number, which is active 7 days a week and 24h a day.

The station does not sell train tickets.

For ticket sales:

Bar della Stazione
Piazzale Esperanto
Orario di apertura: 7,00 – 22,00 
(esclusivamente a fascia chilometrica ed abbonamenti)

Agenzia Viaggi Sigismondo
Via C. Battisti, 10 
Tel. 0541 623436

Agenzia Believe Travel
Via D. di Nanni, 27
 Tel. 0541 1780814


Agenzia Mobilità - Local public transport service.
START ROMAGNA for urban/suburban and school bus lines: tel. 199115577

Tickets are sold in all of Santarcangelo’s tobacconists and newsstand. Tickets must be validated at the start of the bus ride.


Aeroporto Internazionale "FEDERICO FELLINI", Rimini
 (circa 15 km from Santarcangelo)
Via Flaminia, 409, 47831 Miramare di Rimini (RN)
Tel. +39 0541 379800
It’s possible to get to Santarcangelo by catching the N° 9 bus.
(duration: 45 minutes. Timetables available at:

Aeroporto Internazionale "ANCONA-FALCONARA RAFFAELLO SANZIO”,(circa 100 km from Santarcangelo)
Piazza Sandro Sordoni, 60015 Falconara Marittima AN
Telephone: +39 071 28271

Aeroporto Internazionale “GUGLIELMO MARCONI” Bologna(circa 100 km from Santarcangelo)
Via del Triumvirato, 84, 40132 Bologna
Tel. 051 6479615 (h. 24) 

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