Santarcangelo’s principal church built in 1744.


The Collegiate Church, governed by a college of 9 canons (from which its name originates), was originally dedicated to the blessed Virgin of the Rosary.

Nowadays, it is the parish of Saint Michael, the Archangel, the patron saint of Santarcangelo.

Built in 1744, and designed by Giovan Francesco Buonamici, an architect from Rimini, it is Santarcangelo’s main church.

Its construction was possible, thanks to the funds of two abolished parishes, and donations made by the community and some of its wealthy inhabitants. Unfortunately, funds ran out, so the second bell tower was never completed. In 1937, the dome of the first bell tower was added together with the stone porch.

Inside the church, directly above the main entrance, you can see a prestigious 18th century organ built by the Venetian Gaetano Càllido which still functions splendidly.

Other notable works of art inside the church include:

  • a beautiful painting by Guido Cagnacci depicting Joseph, St. Eligius and Child Jesus, and
  • a Crucifix by the painters of the 14th-century “Rimini School” influenced by Giotto from the ancient parish church (the Pieve).




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