Small church, built in 1534, now deconsecrated.


During Second World War this small church, now deconsecrated, was almost totally destroyed. Miraculously only the gabled brick façade and (recently restored) bronze bell remained undamaged.

In 1869, it became the headquarters of the “Workers’ Association of Mutual Support”, created in Italy during the second half of the 19th century to mitigate the deficiencies of the social state and help the workers organise themselves, similar to a trade union.

Important documents from the period of Risorgimento (the Italian unification) are preserved in the Celletta.

Built between 1530 and 1534, at the request of Antonello di Brunoro Zampeschi, during his 4 year reign of Santarcangelo, and a very contentious period between the Malatesta family, who ruled Rimini, and the Zampeschi family, who ruled Cesena.



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