Birthplace of Pope Clement XIV in 1705.


Located at Number 38 in Via Massani, Santarcangelo, is the birthplace of Pope Clement XIV, born Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, on 31st October 1705. A plaque on the door commemorates this event.

During his 5-year term as Pope, from1769 to 1774, he was renowned for his suppression of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus).

Following his very sudden death, rumours circulated that he had been poisoned, perhaps precisely because of his standpoint against the Jesuits.

Pope Clement XIV was well educated. He appreciated culture and had a great love of art. He founded the important Museum, “Pio Clementino” in Rome, and was the first Pope to turn the Vatican into an active centre of preservation of valuable artworks of antiquity.

Furthermore, his strong interest in theatre, led him to abolish the law, which prohibited women from reciting on stage.


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