The legend of Sangiovese

Sangiovese’s name was born in Santarcangelo.

An antique legend, told by our grandparents, says that the Franciscan friars of the city, some centuries ago, were big producers of the red wine.
One day, inside the convent, they organize a banquet in honour of a very illustrious guest. To make a good impression, they offer the guests, the best wine they had in the cellar.
The guest remains surprised and asks for the name of the wine.
After a moment of thinking, a friar, suddenly stands up and exclaims “Sanguis Jovis” that is “Giove’s Blood”, thinking about the colour of the wine and of the name Giove hills on which Santarcangelo is situated.
With the passing of the time, the two words get untied to create the unique name “Sangiovese” and this name spreads in all Romagna.
Santarcangelo people are very proud.

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