I bu
Andè a di acsè mi bu ch’i vaga véa,
che quèl chi à fat i à fat,
che adèss u s’èra préima se tratòur.

E’ pianz e’ cór ma tótt, ènca mu mè,
avdài ch’i à lavurè dal mièri d’an
e adès i à d’andè véa a tèsta basa
dri ma la córda lònga de mazèl.

I bu

Go and tell the oxen

that their work is no longer needed

that today it’s easier to plow with a tractor.


And the let’s be deeply touched at the thought

of all of the hard labour that they have done for thousands of years

while there they are, going with their heads hung low

behind the long rope of the abattoir.

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